Cannibal Planet is a FREE Social Network for anyone to Explore the world of cannibalism

Similar to Facebook and YouTube but leaning more towards the Fantasy of Cannibalism


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What others are saying about Cannibal Planet

I’ve looked for a long time for a site for cannibal fantasies and Cannibal Planet is now here.


a wonderful world where cannibal fantasies go wild


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It’s Free

Free as in Google, YouTube and Facebook free.

A great way to Explore

This is close as you will get to the fire without getting burned

Piggies are very talented and creative.

There isn’t a better way to explore this fetish except for exploring with other Pigs

Piggies on Cannibal Planet accept you as you are

They don’t judge you because they feel the same!

Very Social

It is very easy and addicting to post and share

Designed by the community, for the community

Femcans and Piggies have built this community

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